Enter the world of 3D coding

WebGL & Three.js basics

This training session levels up web developers to 3D developers. You will learn basics of rasterization and 3D algorithmic.
Achieve your craziest 3D apps

WebGL & Three.js advanced

This training session comes ideally after WebGL & Three.JS basics. You will learn advanced rendering techniques. After this course, you should be able to build every kind of 3D web application.
Go beyond the web browser

Augmented Reality

You will learn to build augmented reality web applications. It includes face filters, animojis and testing WebXR.
Learn at home

In-company training sessions


Contact me to get a proposal. Please detail:

  • the number of trainees
  • the place
  • the date
Learn as if you were playing

An optimized pedagogy


Each training session alternates:

  • presentations
  • interactive tutorials from webglacademy.com
  • live coding
  • explanations on the paperboard
Keep record of your experience

A centralized portal


All the resources of the training session will be available from a password protected webpage. The page will be available up to 5 years.


I can create the material and provide a specific in-company training session.