About me

I am Xavier Bourry, you can contact me here.

From 2011 to 2016, I was a freelance developer and trainer in the Paris area, France. I worked both for large companies like 3D Systems, Cisco, Vinci Energies, Essilor and for startups. I provided development services on a daily basis or by task.

During 4 years I taught a course entitled 3D programming with WebGL to computer science master students. I provided 9 in-company training sessions lasting between 4 and 10 days each.

I also released one of the most famous interactive tutorials platform, WebGL Academy. I have organized the annual WebGL Paris meetup during 2 years.

In 2016, I cofounded a company, Jeeliz. I developed the fastest deep learning engine running in the web browser. It allows real-time video processing, which is useful for glasses virtual-tryon, Snapchat like facefilters, expression recognition and 3D Object detection.

I currently live in Princeton, so I can easily move to New York or Philadelphia without extra costs. But I like travelling, so I can provide in-company training sessions elsewhere.

My books

Published in 2018

Deep Learning in the Browser

published in 2013, In French language only

WebGL: 3D applications programming guide