Virtual try-on

Our solution

We provide a cutting edge virtual try-on solution for head mounted accessories. It is perfect for glasses or ski masks. It works everywhere without installing anything:

  • In a website browsed by a desktop computer or a mobile device,
  • In a mobile application,
  • On a showcase display.

The glasses are displayed over the user’s head in real-time, using the video feed from its camera. If the device is too old or if the user does not accept to share its camera, he can still upload a picture.

We have developed a demonstration application available here: We have analyzed the behaviour of this application users during a few months. We have proved that it increases the conversion and commitment rates. The feedbacks of this study are summarized in this blog article: Feedbacks on Jeeliz Sunglasses.

The glasses are rendered by a photorealistic 3D engine. The lighting is reconstructed dynamically for intensity, direction and hue. If the user is illuminated from the right, the glasses will be illuminated from the right too.

How it works

Our application only relies on standardized and open technologies like HTML5, WebGL or WebRTC. This guarantees that it will not be out of date soon. A deep learning neural network inputs an image cropped from the camera video feed. It outputs simultaneously whether it is a face or not, the face orientation and the light parameters. Then we render the glasses 3D model over the video feed using a homemade 3D engine.

The video is fully processed client side, so it does not require an expensive hosting for powerful servers or large bandwidth. Our deep learning engine is so fast that the neural network runs hundreds of times per second even on mobile devices. Thus the glasses always stitch to the user’s head.

Our offer

The glasses models are stored in a centralized database called GlassesDB. We have built a smooth and optimized workflow to fastly add and modify new glasses models to this database. Model metadata can be automatically enriched with information from external websites like prices or customer ratings. We offer glasses modelization packages at interesting prices.

It is possible to run your own instance of GlassesDB server. It is also doable to create a connector between our VTO module and your specific database or 3D models. Contact-us for further details.

In your website/webapp

We can integrate a glasses VTO module directly into your website or your web application. Or you can also ask to your favorite web agency. Indeed, the widget is available on a Github repository here:

In showcase

We also have developed an embedded version of our VTO solution. It is perfect for running on a large HDMI TV display. Our product is cheaper and the rendering quality is better than you can find elsewhere. Contact-us for more information.