The Jeeliz Webojis API is a Javascript library that lets us capture the user’s expressions with his/her webcam to reproduce those on an Apple Animojis-like 3D avatar. To allow anyone to use our webojis, we created an online platform where one can play with several avatars and record short video clips, for free. Let’s see together how to use this platform.

Getting started

For starters, let’s visit We arrive on the landing page of the web app:

To quickly start playing with a weboji, let’s click on the “Play with a Weboji” button.

Playing with your first Weboji

From there we access the record view, in which will be displayed our Weboji and the video feedback from the webcam. We also added a Youtube module; we’ll see a bit later in this article how it can be used creatively in our video clips.
First of all, we should be prompted to give access to the app to our webcam and microphone. Without this authorization the web app won’t be able to use the video stream from the webcam to detect the face of the user and his emotions. Let’s allow the use for both video and sound.
Our Weboji should now be displayed – bear in mind that the loading time might be affected by the quality of the network you are connected to.
img of the record view

Recording a clip

We can now play with our Weboji, and even select a different avatar that suits us better among the ones available. Another one of the features offered by our platform is the recording of short video clips. To record a video clip, simply press the Record button and release it once you’re done !
img of a the recording of a video clip
We can now name this clip and publish it. If you haven’t yet signed in and created our profile, you’ll have to do it now in order to publish a video clip. Once this is done, the web app takes us to our profile page, which lists all of the clips – or posts – that we created, or that we liked.

Sharing a clip allows us to like, share and comment our favorite posts. To do so, let’s focus on the bottom part of a post in the post list view

You’ll see 3 buttons, from left to right, the Likes button, the Comment button and the Share button. FYI: the more a post is liked, shared and/or commented and the more it will be placed at the top of the “Hot” posts list !

Recording clips using the Youtube module

The Youtube module allows us to search for any music video, film extract or anything we can think of to make our clip funny, interesting or even crazy ! Whether we’d like to sing, rap or lip sync, the Youtube plugin is a great tool to record creative video clips.

Go ahead and start playing with a weboji on !