We will participate in the Paris AĆ©roport Startup Day. It will happen on October the 17th of 2018 in Paris Orly airport. All the informations are available on the official website of the event: startupday.parisaeroport.fr.

On this occasion, we will show the JeelizBox working into a large JCDecaux 70 inches full HD advertisement display. The JeelizBox is so small that it can be embedded into an advertisement display, it’s a plug-and-play solution, and allows augmented-reality experiences in real-time…

If you are not available that day, you can still follow us on Twitter, Linkedin or Youtube, we will submit a video of the JeelizBox in action!

See also: A video of the Jeelizbox used for glasses virtual try-on


We got a lot of interest about our interactive display. The JeelizBox was really easy to install into the advertisement display: nothing to glue, nothing to screw and nothing to drill. The camera was fixed atop by a bolt and its wire passed through a grid. A static page was displayed first:

Then when a user approached, the static image fades off to display a zoomed camera view, like a stadium kiss cam. An 3D animation displayed a speech bubble with a lighting bulb:

And everybody got fun:

Xavier Bourry

CTO @Jeeliz