I have written a book about deep learning in the web browser. It is available on Amazon here. I wrote it with 3 co-authors, Kai Sasaki Christoph K├Ârner, Reiichiro Nakano. It focuses on client-side deep learning implementations using JavaScript and WebGL. It deals both with using mainstream deep learning frameworks like TensorFlow.js and building deep neural networks from scratch with vanilla JavaScript/WebGL.

Book cover

Book Cover

The Github repository of the book is available here: github.com/backstopmedia/deep-learning-browser. All sample codes are released under MIT software license. I mainly focused on the vanilla JavaScript/WebGL implementation (the chapter 5). This specific chapter demos and code chunks are available here: github.com/backstopmedia/deep-learning-browser/tree/master/chapter5.

Since November 2018, a paper version of the book is available on Amazon. You can buy it here.

Xavier Bourry

CTO @Jeeliz