New York City ARKit meetup, July 31th 2018

We explain the advantages of Jeeliz technology in this lightening talk, followed by a question session. Various demonstrations will be shown: face detection and tracking, expression detection, sunglasses virtual tryon and pupillometry. Our long term goals in augmented reality object recognition were also mentioned. The page of Meetup event is here: We will come back at another NYC ARKit meetups because they are simply awesome! The page of the Meetup group is here:

The CTO's word

Why WebML and Face Detection API will be rejected

Web programming is getting closer and closer to native programming. This is due to the performance increase of JavaScript engines and to the new functionalities brought by new APIs. There are among others : WebSockets for real time data transfer, MediaStream API to get the webcam video stream and to send it in peer to peer, WebGL to use the GPU for rendering or computing, WebAudio to use advanced audio features. Web programming has many Read more…


Meet us at the Creative Coding #8, NYC, May 23rd 2018

In this talk, we will explain how to get started to build your own JavaScript face filter. We present an interactive tutorial on WebGL Academy to understand step by step the different aspect of the final program (getting the webcam video feed, create the 3D scene, importing the 3D meshes, color harmonization…) The slideshow of the talk is available here: The tutorial about building a Statue of Liberty face filter is available on WebGL Read more…

APIs tutorials

Creating a Snapchat-like face filter 2/2: User interactions and particles

Recap for the previous part: In the first part, we saw how to export a 3D model to JSON with Blender. We then added our hat to our Three.js scene, and thus became a true pirate of the Grand Line! Pretty neat, huh? In this tutorial, we’ll use a user interaction to trigger the addition of a magnificent bowtie to our filter. We’ll simultaneously add animated particles to create a cool apparition effect. Shazaa! Prerequisites: Read more…

Virtual try-on

Feedbacks on Jeeliz Sunglasses

In this article, we provide some context related to our project of virtual mirror for eyewear, highlight our main goals, share a demo, and finally mention some of the results we got…   Why did Jeeliz try to fix the problem of glasses virtual try-on? Most of the current solutions of virtual try-on in augmented reality and real-time (virtual mirrors) were designed in the 2010’s. At that time, there was a lot of hype around Adobe Read more…

APIs tutorials

Creating a Snapchat-like face filter 1/2: Creating your first filter

The FaceFilter library allows you to effortlessly create Snapchat-like face filters in your web-app. It is built on top of our face detection neural network. It combines the power of deep learning with the versatility of WebGL/Three.js. To understand this tutorial you only need to have a medium knowledge of JavaScript and a good grasp of Three.js basics. Now let’s create our first filter! Creating our project folder First step: clone or download the FaceFilterAPI github Read more…