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Jeeliz VTO

Jeeliz VTO is an exclusive eyewear virtual try-on solution for the web. Users virtually trying on glasses engage thoroughly with the product.


Easy integration

Developers can start integrating Jeeliz VTO solution right now from the Jeeliz VTO widget Github repository. It includes:

  • Technical documentation
  • Integration examples both in static JavaScript and React/ES6
  • 366 free glasses models to test the integration before getting your own frames.

Adding your own frames

New glasses can be added in 2 ways:

From Glasses Studio 3D

Glasses studio 3D is a web app converting GLTF glasses 3D models into Jeeliz legacy JSON file format. You can run it here (desktop only). You can then load the generated JSON file in the Jeeliz VTO widget.

From GlassesDB

GlassesDB is our frames database. We take care of modeling your frames from pictures, technical drawings or CAD 3D models, and we store them in the database. Then glasses are loaded in Jeeliz VTO widget only by their unique identifier, a short text field called the SKU. Here are the advantages over Glasses Studio 3D:

  1. EASE OF USE: We take care of 3D modeling, revisions, frame adjustment, 3D models and materials hosting,
  2. REVISIONS EFFICIENCY: Meshes and materials are stored by reference. A material is often shared by tens of glasses models, and the same frame mesh is often sold with multiple color variants. We just have to change the material once to change all glasses models using this material, and we only have to update or re-adjust a mesh once to update all color variants,
  3. QUALITY: Models are faster to load since they are 3 times more compressed. Some material textures are only available for GlassesDB models (metalness, roughness, fresnel textures).

They trust us


These unique features make Jeeliz VTO simply the best.

Rock solid face tracking

Face detection and tracking are robust to all lighting conditions and welcome all physiognomies.

In real-time

You just watch yourself wearing the virtual glasses in real-time, without any fastidious scanning process.


As a web-based solution, it does not require any installation. It works on both mobile and desktop.


All processing is done on the client side, so the solution is scalable, and GDPR compliant.

Large collections

We can model collections of thousands of frames quickly.


Rendering quality

Glasses are rendered using our cutting edge physical based rendering engine.

Lighting reconstruction

Both ambient and directional lighting on the glasses are detected, in order to enlighten the virtual glasses coherently.


Jeeliz VTO is lightweight and loads fastly (it weights around 2MB including the glasses model), with a low RAM and CPU usage.


The user interface can be fully parameterized (loading screen, colors, buttons…). No mention of Jeeliz is required.


There is no usage or session fee, and no upfront fee. The pricing is transparent, affordable and predictable.

DIY $20

+ $2 / model and per month

You take care of frames 3D modeling and hosting, and you convert them using Glasses Studio 3D
Commercial software license for Jeeliz VTO widget provided
Optional integration support ($500)
72h support
PRO $50

+ $10 / model and per month

We take care of frames 3D modeling and hosting without any upfront cost (GlassesDB)
Commercial software license for Jeeliz VTO widget provided
Free integration support
72h support

+ $5 / model and per month

We take care of frames 3D modeling and hosting without any upfront cost (GlassesDB)
Commercial software license for Jeeliz VTO widget provided
Free integration support
24h support
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