Computer vision, hardware agnostic.

At JEELIZ, we have created a WebGL deep learning technology to bring the power of artificial neural networks into web apps. Thus, we can perform extremely fast and very accurate real-time videofeed analysis in a web app context.

After more than 1.5 years of R&D, we completed a highly optimized end-to-end system, allowing us to get rid of all kinds of platform constraints and provide a workable computer vision solution for all kinds of devices.

We invented a hardware agnostic computer vision solution. Now, we aim to spread it to help making existing cameras smarter.

High-end standardized technologies.

Our webapps take advantage of high-end standardized technologies like WebGL or WebRTC, with the concern to always perfectly match modern mobile browsers requirements.

In the adjacent demo of virtual try-on in augmented reality, the webapp detects the user face and overlays virtual glasses. To do so, we designed a neural network from scratch within our WebGL deep learning technology. Combined with our highly efficient implementation, it marks a major breakthrough in the VTO area: for the first time ever, all the frames of a video feed can be analysed in real time.

This demo was initially designed to fit any web browser. It was the first virtual try-on system compatible with Safari when Apple released iOS11 on September 19, 2017. For the first time webapps were able to communicate with the camera through ‘getUsermedia’ in the iOS environment.

Real time facial detection by deep learning
Physically Based Rendering and lighting reconstruction
iOS 11+
Android (Progressive Web App)
Tested on: Samsung S8, Huawei P9, Sony Xperia X, HTC OnePlus 5, iPhones 6, 7, 8, X

A 100% GPU workflow, highly optimized.

Using our unique deep learning framework programmed in javascript/webGL, we are able to create and train outstanding artificial neural networks, frictionless and GPU oriented.

An approach that became widely relevant given the increasing GPU power made available for modern computers and phones for day to day highly-parallel computation tasks, like running sophisticated games.

By transforming neural network weights into WebGL textures and implementing common layers as fragment shaders, we can use the graphics capabilities of browsers designed for 3D games to speed up the execution of neural networks.
By designing a 100% GPU workflow, we always take advantage of the maximum amount of computational power available in a device.

About us
Chouki Hadri
(CEO – co-founder)
Web and multimedia expert, graduated from HETIC school.
He founded his first start-up in 2009 in the 3D printing sector (start-up acquired in 2013 by the international market leader).
Xavier Bourry
(CTO – co-founder)
WebGL & Deep Learning expert, graduaded from Ecole Polytechnique in 2010, he founded his first start up in 2010.
He is one of the precursors of the 3D real-time web-applications.
Benjamin Arias
(Web Dev)
Web development expert, graduated from Udacity’s Front-End Web Developer and Senior Web Developer Nanodegrees in 2015
Philippe Pascot
(Advisor- Partner)
Serial entrepreneur, his area of interest being new technological advances, he serves his team with his experience and expertise in finance.

Join us: we are hiring a back-end developer (Node.js/infrastructure), a front-end developer (WebGL/three.js), an application developer (Swift/OpenGL).
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