The cat face is detected in real time,
in your browser, using JeelizAR.
The code is on Github here.

We bring computer vision to web developers

Our JavaScript librairies bring real-time computer vision to web developers. They can detect and track a face, recognize expressions or detect 3D objects. 

They are powered by our cutting edge deep learning engine running on the GPU with WebGL. It is so fast that it can analyze a video stream in real-time even on the weak GPUs of mobile devices. We have developed a framework around to initialize, train and run neural networks from end to end.

For example we can build a webapp featuring augmented reality lenses and filters just as Snapchat or Facebook with our FaceFilter library. This face filter is shareable via a simple link or a QRcode without requiring to install anything. It works both on desktop and on mobile.

One technology,
many use-cases

Virtual try-on

Virtual try-on

You can try glasses or other head accessories in your browser using your webcam video.

Face filters

Face filters

Build Snapchat like face filters working in the web browser.

Expression detection

Expression detection

Build animated emoticons with our Weboji library.

What's up?

Join Jeeliz Partner Network

If you are a freelance developer, or if you represent a web agency or a software company able to build web applications using Jeeliz libraries, you should definitely join the Jeeliz Partner Network (JPN). Here Read more…

Talk @NYC ARKit meetup

Xavier Bourry is giving a 10 minutes talk about the next steps for Jeeliz. It will be on Wednesday 21th of August at NYC ARKit meetup at 7pm. You can subscribe here, on Come Read more…