Our technology is client-side GPGPU deep learning in the browser.

WebGL empowers your web browser!

Almost all modern computers and most smartphones have powerful GPUs, graphics processors that often have more number-crunching power than the CPU. But until recently web pages and mobile websites couldn't use them! Meaning most of them are limited and remains slow, low-quality graphics (almost always in 2D) when they have to deal with a high level of calculations on client-side.

That all changed when WebGL was released… WebGL, based on the well-known OpenGL 3D graphics standard, gives JavaScript plugin-free access to the graphics hardware making ressources hungry processes - like realtime 3D graphics - in web pages possible via the browser.

In other words, with webGL a new era of web-applications will begin soon! Nowadays very few people are taking advantage of this huge capacity… But for our part, we are not missing the train! if you are eager to see some samples of the future of web-applications, check out the ChromeExperiment plateform.


Artificial intelligence simulates complicated human path for solving problems

Deep learning is the new big trend in Machine Learning. It promises general, powerful, and fast machine learning, moving us one step closer to Artificial Intelligence... The Artificial Neural Networks (ANN) involved in deep learning work loosely by simulating the human brain. With a proper architecture and sufficient data and time for training, they allow machines to recognize patterns in the data, then classify and categorize them, all on their very own! Also, they enable the process to unfold huge reams of previously unmanageable data.

By implementing and running specific ANN in web-applications (thanks to webGL!), browsers are geared up to deal and analyse real-time data feeds (audio, video and so on) almost like human beings! Opening new approaches to process real-time client-side inputs and above all solving problems more efficiently…


WebGL increases the calculation power of web browsers. In the meantime, it allows Artificial Intelligence in web-applications.
We believe those two technologies put together can bring our daily web-applications to another level and eventually pave the way to unexpected uses. Stay tuned to discover our first demo very soon.


The team

Chouki Hadri (CEO - co-founder) Web and multimedia expert, graduated from HETIC school. He founded his first start-up in 2009 in the 3D printing sector (start-up acquired in 2013 by the international market leader).

Xavier Bourry (CTO - co-founder) WebGL & Deep Learning expert, graduaded from Polytechnique school in 2010, he founded his first start up in 2010. He is one of the precursors of the 3D real-time web-applications, and handled many high-profile projects.

Philippe Pascot - (CFO - Partner) Serial entrepreneur, his area of interest being new technological advances. He serves his team with his experience and expertise in finance.

Jacques Latrive - (Senior developer - Partner) Front-end & back-end senior developer, graduated from Polytechnique school in 2010, he has been coding since the golden days of his childhood. He worked with many start-ups and faced many uphill tasks.